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Welcome to Kids Trampolines – A resource on finding the best and cheapest deals since 2008, Yep that’s right we’ve been working and updating the Kids Trampolines website since 2008. That’s 11 years folks! 11 years of trampoline deals and we’re still going.

What trampolines are available
If you’re not sure what you are looking for we’ve got you covered in this short snippet. Are you just browsing? Or confused about what the best possible trampolines are on offer we’ve got you covered. Is it an affordable garden trampoline? An indoor exercise trampoline or want to make sure that you are fully aware of all the best trampoline safety tips.

We have put together a unique source on what’s the best available trampoline in the UK, what’s the cheapest trampoline and what are the must-have accessories you need. If you’re still unsure of what you are looking for you can check out our unique trampoline buyers guide.

Below we list the best trampolines in various sizes from 8ft trampolines, 10ft trampolines, 12ft trampolines right up to the largest 14ft+ trampolines available.

Best Kids Trampolines

It’s 2019 and with every new season coming, a new range of trampolines come onto the market so we’ve been researching what we feel are the best kids trampolines on offer. We tasked ourselves to explore and review a wide range of trampolines that are on offer from various retailers today. We’ve got you covered for getting the very best trampoline for 2019. Below we’ve picked out a range of great trampolines just in case you’re in a rush for that ideal trampoline today. If you’re not sure yet don’t worry we’ve got you covered as we look to explore other suitable trampolines.

Here we picked the best trampolines for our 4 top categories that our visitors are usually looking for. The most popular being the best kids trampoline. Our categories are; Kids Trampoline, Teen Trampoline, Adult Trampoline, and Toddler Trampoline.

Before we start reviewing the best trampolines we need to take a step back and find out some more information about what you’re actually looking for as there are a large number of different trampolines available. Trampolines differ in terms of size, weight allowance, affordability, shape of the trampoline and type of usage for the trampoline.

What Size of Trampoline?

The first thing you need to consider is the size of the trampoline you are looking for. This depends on a number of factors but the two most important being. What is the age of the child using the trampoline? and How big is the area or garden you are putting the trampoline in?

Once you’ve got the answer to those two questions choosing the right size of trampoline should be a breeze. We’re going to talk a bit about trampoline sizes and shapes of trampolines to help you choose.

6ft Trampolines8ft Trampolines10ft Trampolines12ft Trampolines14ft Trampolines15+ Trampolines
Age Suitable (Years) 5-9 5-10 5-14 7-16 7-16+ 7-16+
Maximum Single User Weight (KG) 50KG 75KG 100KG 100KG 120KG 120KG
Trampoline Enclosure Needed?
More Information More Information More Information More Information More Information More Information

*All information should be checked against the trampolines manufacturer specifications. This is only to serve as a guide.

Trampoline Buyers Scenario

So as you can see there are a lot of options when searching for the perfect trampoline for the kids this summer. Limitations tend to come with the size of the garden and the age of the child or children that will be using it. We’ve put together some scenarios to help make your decision. If you’ve got a question for us or a scenario you would like answered please contact us.

Mary and Andrew, 4 Grandkids of different ages.

Who’s the trampoline for?

Mary and Andrew are a retired couple with a large garden in the country; they are on the lookout to purchase the perfect trampoline for the coming months. So what’s their issue? Well, they have the space for the trampoline, a large garden that they spend most of their days cutting the grass and general upkeep, so that’s not the issue. Instead, the issue is that they have a large number of grandkids that visit often and they are all of the different ages.

The Problem to solve

Emma and Kyle are twins, 5 years old. Max is 11 years old, and there’s Jack who has just turned 13. So what’s the best trampoline suitable for a lot of kids when there’s plenty of space?

Our Descision

We took a look at all the options and used our guide above. We decided that as there’s plenty of room for the trampoline, the perfect solution would be the 12ft trampoline along with an accompanying enclosure. We choose the 12ft trampoline with enclosure instead of the 10ft trampoline as the children are only going to get bigger. The 12ft Trampoline would be a suitable buy for now and then to think about going bigger in a few years.

Although with a lot of children when there is more than one child on the trampoline, it’s essential to supervise especially with older and younger children. The added safety net in the form of the trampoline enclosure provides a safe environment.

Our Choice for Mary and Andrew’s Trampoline

Zero Gravity Ultima 4 12ft TrampolineFeaturesScore
  • 12ft Trampoline with enclosure
  • Steel frame with 12 supporting legs
  • Ladders included
  • Perfect for Mary and Andrews Grandkids
  • Outter Padding for safety concerns
  • Easy take down enclosure
  • Round trampoline design

Our second question involves a different problem, size of the garden.

Janet, Small garden 3 kids.

Who’s the trampoline for?

Janet has her hands full; she came to us looking for a trampoline suitable for 3 children. She has a small garden that overlooks a road to the back of her house. Although the garden does have a high rise fence, Janet is extremely safety conscious and have put off getting a trampoline before she has given into the kid’s pressure as they are a little older now.

The Problem to solve

Jack is 7 years old, Abigail is 9 years old, and Evan is 13 years old. So what’s the best trampoline suitable for a lot of kids when there’s a lack of space? And also what is the best size to accommodate a child from 7 years to 13 years.

Our Descision

We took a look at all the options and used our guide above. We decided that because there’s a severe lack of space in the garden and with the added safety concerns from Janet about the nearby road we advised Janet to look at 10ft trampolines for her garden. Janet did tell us that a 10ft trampoline would fit and not be too near any objects; the 12ft trampoline would have been too large and too close to the fence. As with all trampolines we suggest a trampoline enclosure so Janet would be looking to purchase a brand new 10ft Trampoline with Enclosure for all three of her children to use.

Our Choice for Janets kids Trampoline

Ultrasport 10ft Garden TrampolineFeaturesScore
  • 10ft Trampoline with enclosure
  • Stable and Sturdy design
  • Ladders included
  • Perfect for Janets children
  • Outter Padding for safety concerns
  • Unisex design
  • Round trampoline design

We hope these couple of trampoline buyer scenarios help you with your purchase, remember to use our size guide above when trying to find the perfect trampoline but also consider your surroundings for the trampoline. The information on this website is only to be used as a guide when searching for your perfect trampoline and not as a recommendation. Please check all manufacturer details when you come to purchase.

What’s the best shape of a trampoline?

We get asked a lot about the shape of the trampoline, what’s the best shape for the best bounce. So to help you decide we’re going to do a small introductory to the various shapes that are available for kids trampolines.

Round Trampoline

Round Trampoline

The round trampoline is the most common trampoline and most say 90% of the trampolines available are made in the round shape. Due to safety concerns, a round trampoline has slightly fewer jump abilities than the rectangular or oval trampolines we will discuss below. They encourage kids to jump in the center of the trampoline and the force is pushed outways. They usually come with a cross marked in the middle which provides the best jump location.

It makes sense, have you tried jumping at the side of a round trampoline? the force pushes you into the center where there is less chance of injury. As it stands this is why it’s advisable to only allow one child at a time on a trampoline as if there are more than one child both will be forced into the center which can cause collisions.

Rectangular or Oval Trampoline

Oval Trampoline

Rectangular or large oval shaped trampolines are essentially a step up from the common round trampoline, they have numerous points of jump and are usually in larger sizes than the round shape. They are the trampolines you see at various gymnastic events, while they are a lot more powerful than the regular round trampoline they do add an extra concern for safety.

Make sure every trampoline you purchase has an enclosure around the fixture. This helps prevent injuries. Rectangular or Oval Trampolines provide a much better bounce and with caution allow more than one person to jump as they do not pull all the force into the center. Although with everything at we advise you to check the manufacturers allowance of weight and person usage.

Square Trampoline

Square trampolines aren’t that common and they provide a bounce that’s in between a round and rectangle trampoline. If you do manage to find one it’s probably going to be a bit more expensive than any other shape due to there rarity. It’s a good solution if you have a lot of space available.

Square Trampoline

Are trampolines safe?

We get asked this alot, are trampolines safe? now we’re not talking about where the safest place to put your trampoline is or how many children should be using the trampoline at once? – all these questions can be found in our Trampoline Safety Guide.

We’ve researched the UK guidelines regarding trampoline safety and the exact criteria they have to be accessed by in order to be legally sold in the United Kingdom. In order for a Trampoline regardless of size, shape or intended usage to be on sale has to pass a unique set of tests set by the European Union.

These are defined as the EN 71 European Standards for the safety of toys sold within the European Union and there is a standard in this EN 71 that encompasses trampolines and their usage. There are 14 parts to the EN 71 standards that have to be passed in order for children’s toys be sold within the United Kingdom. Part 14 of the EN 71 relates to Kids Trampolines.

What the EN 71-14 Covers?

• mini-trampolines, toddler trampolines, or any trampolines intended for indoor will come with accompanying anti-slip feet.
• Any trampoline intended for outdoor use which includes but not limited to; 8ft trampolines, 10ft trampolines, 12ft trampolines, 14ft trampolines shall be accompanied by a trampoline enclosure which itself is subject to various requirements.
• The durability of materials (both metallic and non-metallic parts) should reach a safe standard and remain strong through use.
• prevention of entrapment from the trampolines but not limited to; Head, Finger, Neck or Limbs.
• sharp edges, sharp points, protruding parts are inspected to ensure safety.
• Trampoline ladders and any other access devices.
• padding requirements which include trampoline surrounds and padding.
• Impact resistance of the trampoline is measured to a certain standard.
• Strength of frame, springs, ladders or any other access device is inspected.
• Mat deflection, the direction in which deflection occurs on the trampoline.
• Stability of the trampoline to ensure safe usage by the child.
• Warnings, marking, and instructions are all inspected to ensure they provide adequate details of the correct assembly, warnings for children’s ages and usage of the trampoline.

What the EN 71-14 Doesn’t cover?

Be aware that the EN 71-14 doesn’t cover the following items in its scope, however, they are covered by other European Standards;

• Trampolines used as gymnastic equipment such as those at trampoline parks or gymnasiums.
• Floating inflatable trampolines for water use.
• Trampolines used in public playgrounds and schools.
• Inclined mat trampolines.
• Inflatable blow up or pump up trampolines.
• Fitness trampolines, including trampolines for medical use such as rebound therapy.
• Trampolines with additional features, these can include trampoline tents or trampoline basketball hoop attachments.
• In-ground Trampolines for domestic use.

Trampoline safety from retailers.

If you are still unsure simply check out the manufacturer’s information that is usually displayed on the seller pages for the trampoline in which you are purchasing, they will detail the safety guidelines that the trampoline has been tested to and by using a reputable retailer such as Amazon you will likely have no issues in purchasing a safe trampoline.

How much should you spend on a trampoline?

If you’ve been thinking about buying a new trampoline for a while you’re probably wondering about cost, how much will this cost? will be one of your main questions when searching online. The truth is it varies and it can vary a lot and this is due to manufacturing costs of the trampoline and if delivery is included in the price or the brand name of the trampoline as there are a good number of premium trampolines on the market in the UK.

6ft Trampolines8ft Trampolines10ft Trampolines12ft Trampolines14ft Trampolines15+ Trampolines
Price (Examples) £40 - £100 £90 - £200 £120 - £300 £160 - £350 £180 - £400 £240 - £600

The prices above is just an example of what you should be considering to spend on a trampoline. It’s just a guide but of course there could be special offers on from retailers of discontinued stock that would bring the price down lower but additionally there could be new releases of premium trampolines that exceed the price shown in the above guide.

Cheap Trampolines

Are you looking for a cheap trampoline? Is it a garden trampoline? depending on the size you are looking for there are options available. Cheap trampolines are affordable and with being sold in the UK adhere to the strict EN 71 guidelines that all trampolines are inspected on. does that mean that a cheap trampoline will be at the same standard that an expensive premium trampoline will follow? – No however it will last a good few years or general use.

Cheap trampolines

Budget Trampolines

Budget trampolines are available to your set budget, if you are for example looking for the Best 10ft Trampoline under £200 or the Very Best 14ft Trampoline for under £300 then we have some options available. Just take a look at our available trampolines below;

Premium Trampolines

There are a number of premium trampolines available, they are usually branded trampolines such as the Jupking range or specific usage trampolines for gymnastics. Oval and Rectangular trampolines can also demand a premium price depending on the size of the trampoline and the structure.