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Edd Edwards

Hello and welcome to the Kids Trampolines website.

So you’re looking for more about the author of Kids Trampolines? Well let’s get started on what made me start writing about trampolines and how much fun they could be.

I’m Edd Edward and I’m a veteran in the trampoline world. I originally set up in 2008, back then Kids Trampolines was one of the original trampoline review websites in the United Kingdom.

I regularly review and chased down deals for the latest trampolines.

Unfortunately the original site was deleted in 2012 due to a server error 🙁

However, I managed to save a lot of content. I decided to revive the Kids Trampoline website in 2019 after being asked by my family – What is the best trampoline for me?

This was the question that revived my passion in trampolines, It had been a while since I really looked in-depth at the trampoline market in the United Kingdom and down the rabbit hole, I went.

When my family asked me this question, I found that all my knowledge which I previously researched from 2008 – 2012 was largely irrelevant and outdated.

Trampolines used to be sold without enclosures – Yes really. You had to buy it as an add on.

But now they have to be legally sold with enclosures, they have stronger frames usually galvanized and specially designed enclosures such as curved or inner enclosures.

I really like those new curved inner enclosures, they bring safety to the next level.

New testing certificates are now in play as well such as the EN-71 European Standards.

So I decided what any nerd would do and write down my journey on finding the very best trampoline for 2019 – 2020 with fresh content, new reviews, and expert advice.

I hope you find what you’re looking for at Kids Trampolines. If not just let me know and send me an email at my contact page.

Edd Edward.