Cheapest 8ft trampoline with enclosure 2019

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Are you searching for the cheapest 8ft trampoline with enclosure then you’ve come to the right place. I’ve searched the internet for 8ft trampolines and found what we think is the cheapest 8ft trampoline with an enclosure.

I know online shopping is not the easiest to find what you are looking to buy so Kids Trampolines have put together this simple page to ensure you can find the cheapest 8ft trampoline.

If you’re looking for more options for an 8ft trampoline with enclosure, see our 8ft trampoline page where we list the best 8ft trampoline available.

The cheapest 8ft trampoline with enclosure

I’ve chosen the following trampoline as our cheapest for the size of 8ft. Read more for our introduction to the trampoline, what we think of the cheapest trampoline and the listed features to find out why you’re not going to find a better deal when you are looking for the cheapest 8ft trampoline with enclosure.

Kanga 8ft Cheap Trampoline with Safety Enclosure - £99.95

Kanga trampoline
The Kanga 8ft Premium priced trampoline that comes with safety enclosure, padding, unique style net enclosure and ladder for easy of access.
Total DiameterJumping AreaHeightWeight LimitSpring Count
243cm 202cm 245cm 100 KG / 15 Stone 7lbs 48

The 8ft Kanga trampoline with enclosure is the ideal trampoline choice for those searching for an 8ft trampoline that is both cheap and safe. The 8ft Kanga trampoline is advertised as being premium for a cheap price. I first thought, how can that be? well, it’s true and we’re here to tell you why it’s the perfect choice for those searching for the cheapest 8ft trampoline.

The 8ft Kanga trampoline with a safety enclosure is perfectly suited for small to medium gardens and won’t look out of place in larger gardens either.

What size is the cheapest 8ft trampoline?

The Kanga Premium 8ft Trampoline with Enclosure comes in at 243 cm in diameter (2.43 meters), supported by 3 double legs.

The jumping area on the trampoline is 202 cm (2 meters) in diameter.

The trampoline supports a user weight limit of 100 KG which is over 15 stone and comes with 48 springs to provide a stellar bounce.

How much is the cheapest 8ft trampoline with enclosure?

The Kanga 8ft trampoline with a safety enclosure is priced at £99.95 with free delivery and can be purchased here.

For a typical 8ft trampoline with enclosure, you would be looking to spend between £100 – £140. This comes 5 pence under what Id expect the cheapest 8ft trampoline to ever cost, that’s including a deal price and with free delivery, the Kanga 8ft trampoline is our cheapest choice.

Features of the cheapest 8ft trampoline

The Kanga 8ft premium trampoline has a large set of features that make it the perfect trampoline if you’re set on finding the cheapest possible 8ft trampoline with an enclosure that doesn’t sacrifice safety and price.

  • Meets safety guidelines set out in the EN-71 which lists requirements that have to be passed in order for a trampoline to be sold within the European Union and the United Kingdom.
  • It Can hold a maximum weight of 100 KG, it’s one of the best 8ft trampolines for weight capacity available in the UK.
  • Made of strong UV PE padding that’s 14 mm thick but also UV resistant to ensure your trampoline stays bright and vibrant for a long period of time.
  • A galvanized steel frame that adds strength and durability to your trampoline, it keeps your trampoline stable and the galvanized frame fights off the elements to prevent rust and corrosion.
  • The trampoline comes included with a ladder, enclosure and anchor kit – Everything you really need to get started with your first garden trampoline.
  • Easy to assemble, we recommend an assembly time of between 2 and 3 hours in total. We suggest you have a friend there to help you put together the trampoline.
  • Safety manual and care guide is included in the Kanga 8ft trampoline package
  • Youtube trampoline assembly video is also included once you’ve purchased the trampoline you can get easily to digest step by step assembly instructions.
  • Great customer support from the Kanga team.

Buy the Cheapest 8ft Trampoline and Enclosure

My choice for a cheap 8ft trampoline can be purchased here. It’s available for £99.95 which comes with free delivery and all the included extras. Don’t miss out on this stylish unique trampoline at the most affordable price I’ve seen.

As you can see the Kanga 8ft Trampoline with Enclosure is my perfect choice for the cheapest 8ft trampoline with enclosure especially with that feature list. Having an anchor kit, trampoline ladder included is often unheard of at this price and the unique style curved enclosure is a feature of new trampoline models as they provide better safety and support.


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