Is a 6ft Trampoline Big Enough?

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Picking the correct trampoline size is not an easy task especially if you want it to be suitable for different aged children. Maybe you have two or three kids and are looking to buy a trampoline for the whole family, you might be asking yourself, Is a 6ft trampoline big enough?

A 6ft Trampoline is 183 cm (1.83 m) in diameter. It has a jumping mat size of 140 cm (1.4 m) and can usually support up to 50 KG (7 Stone 9 lbs). A 6ft trampoline is suitable for children who are between 3 years old upto a maximum of 8 years old.

Each trampoline manufacturer may have different recommendations on suitable age and weight limits so it’s important to check whether the trampoline fits your needs by inspecting the listed dimensions and specifications. So how do you decide if a 6ft Trampoline is big enough?

What You Need To Know To See If A 6ft Trampoline Is Big Enough

When you’re looking for the best 6ft trampoline and asking yourself will this trampoline be big enough? Then here are the questions you’ll need to find the answers to;

  • How much space do you need for a 6ft Trampoline?
  • For what age is a 6ft Trampoline suitable?
  • How many children can use a 6ft Trampoline?

Make sure you have a measuring tape, pen and notepad to map out the area for the 6ft garden trampoline. If you’re unsure on how to measure a trampoline read my guide.

How Much Space Do You Need For A 6ft Trampoline?

First, you need to determine is how big is my garden or how big is the area where I want to put my trampoline in? Once you have that information it will allow to measure out the area to make sure it can accommodate a 6ft Trampoline with Enclosure.

So how do you know if a 6ft trampoline is big enough?

A 6ft Trampoline with Enclosure is suitable for small gardens and won’t look out of place in medium or larger gardens, if you are restricted on space then a 6ft trampoline might be the ideal size.

For a 6ft Trampoline with Enclosure, you will be looking to make sure you have a space that is at least 250 cm (2.5 m) in diameter and a height clearance of 200 cm (2 m). The diameter of the trampoline is 183 cm (1.83 m), however you want to make sure that the children who are using the trampoline can enter and exit it safely. As a 6ft Trampoline is ideal for smaller children you should be looking to make sure you have a ladder along with the trampoline.

The extra space around the trampoline also means that the area is free from obstacles or objects that could cause harm if impacted. Especially when entering and exiting the trampoline.

For What Age Is A 6ft Trampoline Suitable?

Once you’ve measured the area that you want to put the trampoline and you are happy that there is enough space and safety space to place a 6ft trampoline with enclosure here, we need to make sure that the trampoline is going to be suitable for the children using it.

Why is this important?

6ft Trampolines come with certain restrictions and recommendations for use. A 6ft Trampoline is small and ideally suited for the ages of 3 years old up to a maximum age of 8 years old. The limitations of a 6ft Trampoline with enclosure are the age at which it’s suitable and the weight capacity restrictions.

Some 6ft Trampolines can support a weight of 50 KG (7 Stone 9 lbs) however not all trampolines of this size support the same weight capacity. It’s important to read the manufacturers weight capacity limits.

If you are worried about a 6ft trampoline not being big enough then you may want to consider an 8ft trampoline where the size and weight capacity is increased along with the suitable age.

What’s the maximum age for a 6ft Trampoline?

The maximum age is 8 years old, There will be limited space for an 8 years old to bounce on a 6ft trampoline. At this age, this size of trampoline becomes a safety concern.

What’s the minimum age for a 6ft Trampoline?

I would not allow any child under the age of 3 years old to jump on a 6ft trampoline. When in use I would always recommend adult supervision to ensure the safety of your child.

How Many Children Can Use A 6ft Trampoline?

My golden rule for trampoline usage is one child at a time. It avoids injuries from collisions and creates the safest trampoline environment possible. However I do know that people allow more than one child on a trampoline at a time.

Unfortunately with the jumping mat of the 6ft trampoline only being 140 cm (1.4 m) in diameter this doesn’t leave a lot of space for more than one child to jump safely so I would avoid allowing more than one child on this size of trampoline.

Children should be between the ages of 3 years old and 8 years old to use a 6ft trampoline. Always ensure adult supervision is in place before allowing children to use the trampoline.

If you have a large family or more than one child, I would definitely invest in a larger trampoline if you have the space.

Is a 6ft Trampoline Big Enough?

Here’s the steps to take to ensure that a 6ft Trampoline is big enough.

  • Measure the area in your garden. Not the measurements down.
  • For a 6ft Trampoline (183 cm) ensure you have an area that is at least 250 cm (2.5 m).
  • Spot any obstacles and objects around this area, can they be moved? – Make the area as safe as it can be.
  • Are the children that are going to be using the 6ft Trampoline within the age and weight recommendations? – If not, consider upgrading to an 8ft Trampoline or 10ft Trampoline.
  • Ensure the surface you’re placing the trampoline on is one of our recommended safe surfaces; Grass or Woodchip. Do not place a 6ft trampoline on a hard surface like concrete or loose stones.


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