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You’re here to take a look at the Kanga Trampoline, available in a variety of sizes from the smaller 6ft Kanga Trampoline through sizes; 8ft Kanga, 10ft Kanga right up to the larger 12ft Kanga Trampoline. All these trampolines are reviewed in 2019 so you won’t be reading any outdated trampoline reviews, it’s our mission to bring you the latest trampoline reviews and deals that are kept up to date.

Kanga trampoline
The Kanga Trampoline with curved supported inner enclosure for maximum safety.

Trampolines are one of the best ways to get kids outside and enjoy the outdoors, even if it is just in the garden. A trampoline is one of the best and easiest ways to encourage your kids to get away from in front of the television or tablet and out into the garden, especially in the spring and summer months when you want your children to get outside and enjoy some fresh air.

Kanga 6ft Premium Trampoline with Safety Enclosure, Net, Ladder and Anchor Kit (6ft)
  • Here it is, the very latest 2018 Kanga 6ft Trampoline with Enclosure package which includes the safety net enclosure, ladder and FREE anchor kit worth £25
  • This Kanga trampoline is made from high quality materials and meets all EU safety regulations such as CE, GS, TUV and EN71.
  • Buy the Kanga 6ft trampoline with enclosure with confidence, knowing that the 6ft version is ideal for gardens of all sizes and is ideal for children through to adults, giving ample amount of room to bounce on.
  • The Max User Weight is 50kgs, the jumping mat diameter is 1.42m, the frame height is 51cm, the safety enclosure height is 150cm and the spring cover protection padding is 14mm thick and made from high quality UV resistant PE materials with EPE foam inside and all tubes are galvanized inside and out for maximum durability.
  • This great trampoline comes complete with an English safety and instruction manual, there is also a youtube assembly video and we provide a fully manned customer helpline that is open Mon - Fri on (01206) 855170 for any questions or help needed with your trampoline. We want you to be 100% happy with your Kanga trampoline purchase!

An added benefit to not only being fun for kids but trampolines are also proven to improve balance, coordination and help with development. They are the perfect entertainment for children throughout the summer months – and winter, don’t think that the kids are only going to want to have a bounce in the summer 🙂

So here’s our take on the easily affordable, one of the safest and cheapest trampolines on the market in 2019. There’s a great possibility the Kanga Trampoline will be the trampoline for you.

Kanga Trampoline Review

In this Kanga Trampoline review we are going to break it down into certain sections, it makes it easier for us at kids Trampoline to get our review across in the best way.

We will have a look at the sizes available for the Kanga Trampoline – That’s from the 6ft Kanga Trampoline right through to the 12ft Kanga Trampoline (the 8ft and 10ft Kanga will also be included in this review.)

Furthermore, we will layout the features of the Kanga Trampoline 2019, the dimensions of the various models of the trampolines and the design, features, price, safety certificates and why the Kanga Trampoline is one of our best trampolines available in 2019.

So let’s jump and bounce into it.

Kanga Trampoline 2019DimensionsCheck Price

6ft Kanga Trampoline with Enclosure

6ft kanga trampoline
  • Max User Weight: 50 KG
  • Mat Diameter: 1.42 m
  • Frame Height: 51 cm
  • Enclosure Height: 1.5 m
  • Ages: 4 - 10 Years Old

8ft Kanga Trampoline with Enclsoure

8ft kanga trampoline
  • Max User Weight: 100 KG
  • Mat Diameter: 2.02 m
  • Frame Height: 60 cm
  • Enclosure Height: 1.65 m
  • Ages: 4 - 12 Years Old

10ft Kanga Trampoline with Enclosure

10ft kanga trampoline
  • Max User Weight: 120 KG
  • Mat Diameter: 2.63 m
  • Frame Height: 65 cm
  • Enclosure Height: 1.8 m
  • Ages: 6 years old - Adult

12ft Kanga Trampoline with Enclosure

12ft kanga trampoline
  • Max User Weight: 120 KG
  • Mat Diameter: 3.18 m
  • Frame Height: 80 cm
  • Enclosure Height: 1.8 m
  • Ages: 6 years old - Adult
Kanga trampoline dimensions

The Design of the Kanga Trampoline

The Kanga trampoline has a very unique design and colour scheme, designed with an inner trampoline enclosure as opposed to an outer enclosure with curved support beams that go from the trampoline mat to the top of the enclosure ring. The Kanga trampoline has heavy-duty galvanized steel tubes that make up the entire frame, galvanized both inside and outside the steel tubes are strong, durable and provide protection from all types of weather. The protection helps prevent both rust and corrosion of the steel frame because let’s face it. You aren’t going to take apart and store the trampoline every time it rains right?

The trampoline is designed in black and yellow, mostly black although as it includes a black mat, black padding, black enclosure the only part that yellow is a small band around the bottom of the trampoline safety net, with that being said although the design is unique and looks great. It’s the perfect kids trampoline.

Depending on the size of the trampoline you’re looking to purchase, each Kanga trampoline model has a different number of steel legs, enclosure poles, and springs. The smaller models. See our comparison table above.

Tell me the features of the Kanga?

So what makes the Kanga trampoline special? You’re looking for the features and you won’t be disappointed in what’s included in the package. Usually when buying a trampoline, ever since 2015 a safety enclosure is now included with every new trampoline purchase, this is of course for safety concerns, but quite often that’s the only accessory that comes with the trampoline. The Kanga trampoline is different and there are some added extras you will receive such as a trampoline ladder and a trampoline anchor kit.

  • Strong galvanized steel frame
  • Trampoline enclosure, ladder and anchor kit included
  • 50 KG – 120 KG weight limit
  • All weather trampoline
  • Afforable price
  • Instructions not as simple as could be
  • Only one colour available

Here’s our list of Kanga features that may suit what you’re looking for;

Galvanized steel tube frame support

  • Galvanized steel tube frame – The steel frame that comes with the Kanga Trampoline has passed all EN-71 requirements for allowing general sale within the UK. This means that it’s sturdy and robust enough to hold the recommended weight for each trampoline size, whether it be the 6ft Kanga or the 10ft Kanga. The galvanized steel protects the structure from rust or corrosion, which stops the trampoline suffering stability or durability issues. It makes for a trampoline that will last for years to come. Its longevity is confirmed and will last through the winter and summer months without any issues.

The Included extras that come with the Kanga

  • Included extrasTrampoline with enclosure, ladder and anchor kit – The Kanga trampoline comes packaged with a number of extras, these include the curved design net enclosure that adds extra protection for children by being an ‘inner enclosure’ net which limits a kids ability to reach the springs of the trampoline. Featuring a curved enclosure to add extra stability and support to ensure your child or children do not come to any harm while using the trampoline. The trampoline ladder included allows easy access and exit from the trampoline without injury occurring from getting on and off the trampoline. The addition of the anchor kit makes the trampoline stick to it’s desired location and won’t get uprooted by any children bouncing or any high-speed winds – I’m sure you’ve seen the viral videos of trampolines rolling past peoples windows before, that won’t be you!

The Kanga has a high weight limit for a trampoline

  • The high weight limit for a trampoline – It’s unusual to find a trampoline that has a high weight load limit. Going from as low as 50 KG for the 6ft kanga model up to 120 KG for the 10ft and 12ft trampoline. The high limit shows that this trampoline is a quality built premium trampoline that can hold a very impressive amount of weight. If you’re unsure of what size trampoline holds what weight then have a look at our comparison table above for trampoline weight limits.

A trampoline with the very best safety features

  • The very best trampoline safety features – The Kanga Trampoline adheres to the following certificates and EU regulations. The CE, GS, TUV, and EN-71. We know a lot about the EN-71, and to get a pass mark, it has to meet certain aspects of this safety testing certificate. A fail means that the item cannot be sold within the EU and the UK. A pass means that it meets the requirements or exceeds those requirements. The Kanga trampoline is one of the safest trampolines available in 2019 and with the inner enclosure we mentioned before, the included ladder and the curved enclosure design all these increase safety and decrease the risk of any accidents occurring. A 14 mm (1.4 cm) thick high quality, UV resistant trampoline padding comes with the Kanga trampoline which ensures any falls or bangs have minimum effects to the kids using the trampoline.

Easy assembly and instructions

  • After sales support – You’ll be provided with a variety of manuals for assembly and trampoline care. We suggest two people build this trampoline for a build time of 1-2 hours. Easy assembly is advertised with this trampoline and one person will be able to put the trampoline together within 2-3 hours if all instructions are followed correctly. Not a fan of paper manuals? then don’t worry. You will get a link to a youtube video that details the step by step process of building the Kanga trampoline.

How much does the trampoline cost?

The Kanga trampoline is available from Amazon here. It’s Available in all sizes from the 6ft up to the 12ft trampoline. The price of the trampoline depends on the size you will be purchasing. The Kanga trampoline costs between £85 – £250. The larger sized trampolines costing more than the smaller 6ft trampoline.

What are other people saying?

We searched through some individual reviews on the trampoline. Reviews are taken from Amazon, some review’s have had grammar and spelling corrected.

Great Trampoline at a superb price…although I’ve only had it for one day, so time will tell.
First of all, it came well packaged in 3 separate boxes that were staples, glued, strapped and taped together. As most reviewers have already mentioned the instructions could do with improving and being clearer and more detailed. Thankfully there is a Kanga assembly video on youtube which is for either the 8ft or 10ft version as it doesn’t have as many legs or poles as the 12ft version but the assembly is the same.
Putting it together took me and my brother 3-4 hours, we were alternating the assembly

Wiggyman from Amazon.co.uk

Firstly we bought the 12ft which is perfect for bouncing around with you 4-10 year old. The instructions are not the clearest so it takes a little bit of deciphering. We had a few hands and certainly putting the springs on is difficult with a trampoline of this size so don’t expect to do this on your own. Quality is really good and it looks the part once complete. We have probably gone over the weight limit a few times with two adults bouncing along with a 5-year-old but has stood up to it fine. I would highly recommend.

APW from Amazon.co.uk

Questions about the Kanga trampoline

Let’s try to answer some of your most popular questions about the trampoline, if you have any other questions about the Kanga Trampoline comment below and we will try to answer as best as possible.

How many children will fit onto it?

As with all trampolines, we always recommend that only one child bounce at the same time, although we know that not always be the case. If you do let more than one child on the trampoline at the same time, we’ve had feedback that the trampoline can support 2 children but to make sure that the trampoline weight limit is not exceeded and there is plenty of space to bounce around – this will depend on the size of the Kanga trampoline that you purchase.

Do not let teens bounce with younger children, the force a teen can exert on the trampoline will be unstable for a young child and they will struggle to find balance.

What is the minimum age to use the trampoline?

While the manufacturer does not provide an exact minimum age, we have searched and had reports of children from young as four years old enjoying the trampoline. Please ensure that a supervising adult accompanies any trampoline usage. Safety is our number one concern with trampoline usage. See our trampoline safety guide for more information on trampoline safety.

Can the trampoline be folded or taken down when moving home?

The trampoline once assembled can, of course, be taken down again. Just ensure that you keep all the parts and instructions to rebuild the trampoline at your new home. Without all the parts, the trampolines reconstruction could prove to be unstable or unsuitable. Keep everything together and all the screws and joints easily accessible.

Can I place this trampoline on a sloped surface?

With all trampolines we advise that it be placed on a flat surface, free from debris or obstructions that could cause damage to either the trampoline or the children using the trampoline. We advise the trampoline to be place on a soft grass surface with the anchor kit keeping it firm and secure. A trampoline should not be placed on loose gravel, stones, or a concrete surface.

Do the supporting poles come with foam protection?

Yes, all the poles are protected with either foam or padded mats to ensure that safety guidelines are followed.

What size and weight is the delivered box?

The Kanga trampoline is delivered in one large box, the weight varies per trampoline size but you should expect a product that weighs around 30 KG.

Where can you buy Kanga trampoline replacement parts?

We are currently on the lookout for replacement parts for the Kanga trampoline, we’ve been searching for Kanga replacement enclosure and net, a replacement mat and other parts that could damage over time and need replacing. We will update this question when we have a more informative answer for replacement Kanga parts.

Our verdict on the Kanga trampoline 2019

So you’ve made it to the end of our look at the Kanga trampoline, we had fun reviewing and talking about this trampoline, it’s rare you find a cheap and affordable trampoline that has so much to it. From the great design to the great range of features that the trampoline includes.

If you are looking for a great, affordable trampoline that has included accessories for a great price then the Kanga trampoline is the perfect choice. We really like the design of the trampoline, the inner enclosure that stops fingers getting jammed in the springs and the addition of the trampoline ladder and anchor kit for the price.

Let’s hear your thoughts on the Kanga Trampoline. Leave us a comment below.


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